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Dina Maghawry, Egyptian Jewelry Designer

About Dina Maghawry Jewelry

A heritage seeped in beauty and find ornamention has moulded the artistry of designer Dina Maghawry, who in 2005 established her workshop. With a mindset of reviving the prolific art of jewelry making, the designer, along with a group of proficient artisans employ techniques passed through generations. Using traditional forms and patterns as a launching point, the designer and her team bring a contemporary character and a modern-day flair to culturally rich handmade jewelry, creating distinct one-of-a-kind pieces that stand the test of time.

What we craft

A love of nature, color, and beauty underlies the handcrafted pieces we make. Pieces that breathe life into garments they are paired with. We work with gemstones, diamonds and colored enamels to create a long-lasting memory tied to each unique piece.

What we stand for

Preserving traditional Egyptian jewelry making is a passion that pushes us to dream and to create. Today’s fast-paced, technologically driven, mass-produced world has hardly left room for time-consuming authentic practices such as crafting handmade jewelry. We encourage today’s young artisans to sustain these practices, to continue creating quality craftsmanship, and most importantly, to continue dreaming and to stay true to this exceptional and distinctive art forms.


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Dina Maghawry Jewelry

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